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The Journey Within

The purpose of this project, The Journey Within, was to help achieve closure to a period of uncertainty, anxiety, and lack of creative drive that defined my life during the pandemic, and to open myself to growth and possibilities going forward.

The series depicts both my inner conflict as well as how mindfulness, and collecting plants helped me through confinement. 


My practice focuses mostly on studio portraiture and draws inspiration from the world of mythology and spirituality. I work digitally to create composites with a surreal hint. Given the personal nature of this project, I decided to turn the camera on to me and create a series of self-portraits.

The theory of the archetypal hero's journey served as a guide for creating a narrative. It explains that all hero myths and stories share the same stages and that these stages revolve perpetually. I felt the challenges I faced in isolation echoed the stages of the hero's journey.

Want to know more about this project?

 Read my interview in Amateur Photography Magazine 

Status Quo
Call to Adventure
Crossing the Threshold
New Life
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